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Mobile and Wireless Solutions
RUCKUS Mobile Internetworking Solutions for Carriers

Mobile operators and broadband service providers everywhere are under pressure to offer better network performance to keep up with insatiable subscriber demand for bandwidth. But the implications are dire: the cost of transporting data is expected to outpace revenue, and a poor user experience resulting from network congestion will result in churn, one of the largest costs operators incur.

Wi-Fi presents an attractive option and complimentary technology for operators looking to scale capacity, efficiency and footprint of their existing macro networks. Leveraging patented Smart Wi-Fi technology that delivers unprecedented reliability within the unlicensed spectrum, the new RUCKUS Mobile Internet solution was purpose-built for the stringent requirements of Tier 1 and Tier 2 operators.

RUCKUS Mobile Internet solutions let service providers deliver reliable, indoor/outdoor, always-on, broadband services using Smart Wi-Fi technology at a fraction of the cost and complexity of conventional macro alternatives.

No spectrum licenses, long lead times or complex configuration. Using dual-band 802.11n technology, dynamic beamforming and smart, adaptive mesh networking, operators can now deploy a complete, end-to-end, managed wireless infrastructure that provides consistent broadband performance for a broad range of applications such as:

Wireless Broadband Access

Smart Wi-Fi enables a profitable new model for delivering wireless broadband indoors and out.

3G/4G Offload

Wi-Fi technology is essential for the offloading of data traffic from cellular (usually DAS) network in high density locations.

Managed WLAN Services

Businesses and public venues of all types see Wi-Fi as strategic and are looking for solutions from managed service providers.


Long-range, affordable and high-speed Wi-Fi backhaul for LTE, GSM and wireless broadband access.

Small Cell

Options and long-term strategies for mobile operators facing exponential growth in data traffic.

High Density

Smart Wi-Fi technolgoy can provide the necessary data capacity for high-density stadium deployments.

Smart HotSpots

The next phase of broadband operator Wi-Fi services, such as voice over IP, multicast IP-based video, and tiered Wi-Fi.