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RUCKUS Supports

RUCKUS understands that every network is unique and requires a different level of technical support to meet the customer's business requirements. RUCKUS provides a single support contact for ICX Switching products purchased through all existing channels. Organizations facing the challenges of maintaining large or complex networking environments gain immediate access to RUCKUS expertise and resources to accelerate problem resolution, increase uptime, and improve overall efficiency

WatchDog Support

WatchDog End User Support provides software and hardware support to ICX switching customers

WatchDog Support Renewals

Renew Your WatchDog End User Support

WatchDog Advance Hardware Replacement

WatchDog AP Advance Hardware Replacement Customers are eligible to receive advance AP replacement for a failed unit

WatchDog Advance Hardware Replacement Renewals

Renew Your WatchDog AP Advance Hardware Replacement Support

RUCKUS Networks License and Upgrades

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