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Small and Medium Business Solutions
Powerful, uncomplicated, and affordable

Commscope SMB Products

Small and medium-size businesses (SMBs) rely on high-performance Wi-Fi to spark growth and boost productivity. With CommScope, building small business networks is both easy and affordable.

Turn any space into a workspace with reliable network coverage. Improve your employee productivity and delight your customers with enterprise-class Wi-Fi for business. CommScope RUCKUS access points (APs) and switches offer superior coverage and capacity, so you can grow without going over your budget.

You also don't need specialized IT staff or extensive training to deploy and manage your RUCKUS small business Wi-Fi solutions. With RUCKUS, it just works.

CommScope offers two options for managing your Wi-Fi:

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Solutions for small and medium business

Poor Wi-Fi experience

Poor Wi-Fi experience

In an SMB, good, secure Wi-Fi keeps employees productive and customers happy. If Wi-Fi performance is not up to the mark, it leads to a drop in employee productivity and a poor customer experience.

Limited IT resources

SMBs don't have the IT resources that big organizations have to build and manage a complex network-and they don't have the time to master complicated new interfaces.

Limited IT resources

Budget constraints

Budget constraints

For SMBs, the constant pressure to maintain adequate cash flow means they need to make every penny count. They need Wi-Fi and switching that keep their business rolling without breaking the bank.

Why Commscope?


Manage with ease

Perform key administrative tasks from anywhere in the world with just a few taps on the intuitive mobile app for both the RUCKUS Unleashed and RUCKUS Cloud Wi-Fi options.


Install in minutes

No IT staff? No problem. Even without an IT staff, you can set up high-performance Wi-Fi within minutes to connect employees, serve customers, and support business operations.


Blazing fast Wi-Fi performance

RUCKUS APs and switches incorporate powerful patented technologies for superior throughput, coverage, capacity and security.


Lower your costs

RUCKUS APs offer better capacity and coverage (handing as much as 30 percent more clients than competitive APs). Fewer APs needed means savings on licenses, cable runs, switch ports, and power.

Featured Products for SMBs

RUCKUS Unleashed

RUCKUS Unleashed

RUCKUS Unleashed is a high-performance, simple-to-setup, easy-to-manage and affordable portfolio of access points (APs).

RUCKUS Cloud Wi-Fi

CommScope RUCKUS® Cloud is a converged network management-as-a-service platform that enables IT to deliver exceptional user experiences, simply.


Addtional Resources

RUCKUS Unleashed Portfolio Datasheet

More devices than ever. Bandwidth-hungry video applications. Internet of Things (IoT). Constant demand for mobile connectivity. They add up to a perfect storm of technology trends-and your Wi-Fi better be ready for it. The days when a consumer-grade Wi-Fi device could meet most small business needs are over. Today, even smaller organizations need fast, reliable, alwayson connectivity for dozens or even hundreds of devices. At the same time, small and midsize businesses don't have the time (or often, the in-house IT expertise) to wrestle with complex configurations and installations that require a PhD to get right.

RUCKUS ICX Switch Family Data Sheet

The RUCKUS® ICX® fixed form-factor switch series work together to deliver a simple secure and scalable high-performance network solution supporting today's most demanding networking needs.

RUCKUS Cloud Wi-Fi Datasheet

RUCKUS Cloud Wi-Fi simplifies deployment, monitoring and management of your geographically distributed multisite wireless network.

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