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RUCKUS SmartZone 144
Most scalable midsize campus and branch wired and wireless network controllers

RUCKUS Networks Products
RUCKUS SmartZone 144 Series
RUCKUS SmartZone 144 with (4x) 1GbE & (4x) 10GbE ports
*Requires Purchase of at least 1 Year of Support
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RUCKUS SmartZone 144 Overview:

The RUCKUS SmartZone 144 (SZ144) supports distributed networks, automates repetitive IT work, and is flexible and future-ready with scalable wired and wireless network management capabilities.

SmartZone 144 manages up to 120,000 clients, up to 6,000 RUCKUS access points, and 1,200 RUCKUS switches from a single cluster.

It is ideal for any midsize enterprise that must support hyper-distributed networks that connect multiple campuses and networks of remote home offices. Using its native hybrid (centralize / distributed) network architecture, a single SZ144 placed within a centralized data center can manage up to 6,000 remote sites.

And unlike conventional wired and wireless systems that are complex and cumbersome to learn, manage and deploy, the SZ144 is designed to reduce an administrator's workload by streamlining repetitive IT tasks with visual client troubleshooting tools, and zero-touch discovery, provisioning and policy configuration of new APs and switches.

To keep organizations competitive, their network must be always on, flexible, and future-ready. The SZ144 supports an always-on network with intra-cluster, intercluster failover aiding disaster recovery best practices. Features like multi-standards API support, OpenRoaming, network health metrics keeps the network flexible. Additionally, containerization migration, the move to microservices, and dynamic scaling keeps SmartZone networks future-proof.

RUCKUS SmartZone New Menu

RUCKUS SmartZone New Menu


Consolidated wired-wireless management

A single wired and wireless network management user interface for deploying, monitoring and troubleshooting access points and switches.

Expedite troubleshooting

Visual Connection Diagnostics speeds and simplifies troubleshooting and wireless client problem resolution while unique “super-KPIs” enable IT to more quickly detect and react to potential user experience degradation

Auto-Discover, Auto-Deploy, Auto-Provision

Web-based configuration wizards configures an entire WLAN/LAN in minutes.

Ultra-high resiliency

SmartZone protects from catastrophic failures with intra-cluster, and inter-cluster failover.

Unmatched scale

SZ144 Controller can manage up to 2K APs, 400 switches and 40K clients. With 3+1 clustering, it scales up to 6K APs, 1200 switches and 120K clients. With LAG, aggregate throughput can reach 40Gbps.

Ease content management

Easily create and enforce content policies to protect wireless users from accessing inappropriate websites using optionally licensed URL Filtering

Additional advanced features

SmartZone also supports rogue AP detection and mitigation, adaptive band balancing, load balancing, airtime fairness, hotspot and guest services, capacity-based admission control, and more


Hardware Features

  • 1RU rack-mountable chassis footprint
  • Redundant removable fans
  • Easy discovery from PC using UPnP
  • One-year warranty coverage

Software Features

  • Simplified, Intuitive GUI
  • Installation Wizard
  • RUCKUS SPoT LBS Location support
  • WIDS/WIPS (Rogue AP Detection/Prevention)
  • Bonjour Gateway (at AP)
  • Capacity-based client admission control
  • Band Balancing
  • Internal Captive Portal (Radius, AD, LDAP, Local DB)
  • AP Survivability for Guest, Captive Portal
  • Zero-IT (using 802.1x)
  • User Roles
  • Device Policy Control
  • Per WLAN ACL Support (L2 white/black list, L3, L4)
  • Multi-hop for mesh testing
  • Force DHCP
  • AP discovery
  • Restful/JSON API


RUCKUS SmartZone144 Features


Managed APs
  • Up to 2,000 per controller
  • Up to 6,000 per cluster
Managed Switches
  • Up to 400 per controller
  • Up to 1200 per cluster
  • Up to 2,048
  • Up to 4,096
Concurrent Devices
  • Up to 40,000 per controller
  • Up to 120,000 per cluster
Key Functionality
Device Management
  • RUCKUS Wi-Fi APs supported: R850, R750, R730, R720, R710, R650, R610, R550, R510, R320, R310, M510, H510, C110, H320, E510, T811CM, T750, T750SE, T710, T710S, T610, T610S, T504, T310, T301, FZM300, FZP300
  • RUCKUS ICX 700 series switches running FastIron 8.0.80 and above supported; FastIron 80.0.90a required for Zero-Touch Provisioning
Device Type Support
  • Wi-Fi APs, Switches
Controller Expansion
  • Up to 4 controllers in N+1 active-active mode, supporting non-disruptive capacity expansion
Controller Redundancy
  • 3+1 distributed data preserving with N+1 redundancy within a cluster
Data Offload
  • Local offload of traffic directly to the Internet
  • WPA, WPA2-AES, 802.11i, 802.1x/EAP, PSK, WISPr, WEP, WPA3, Enhanced Open, MAC Address*
  • Fast EAP-SIM re-authentication
  • EAP-SIM, EAP-AKA, EAP-AKA over WLAN for 802.1x
  • Wi-Fi Locations with the SZ AAA-Proxy functionality enabled
User Database
  • Internal database up to 25,000 users
  • External: RADIUS, LDAP, Active Directory
Access Control
  • L2 (MAC address-based) L3/4 (IP and Protocol based)
  • L2 client isolation
  • Management interface access control
  • Time-based WLANs
  • Device type access policies
  • Two-factor authentication password, SMS
Wireless Intrusion Detection (WIDS/WIPS)
  • Rogue AP detection / prevention
  • Evil-twin/AP spoofing detection
  • RADIUS (primary and backup)
  • WISPr, Wi-Fi CERTIFIED, Passpoint™, HotSpot 2.0*
Guest Access
  • Supported
Captive Portal
  • Supported
  • Self-healing, Self-forming, Zero-touch provisioning
  • 802.11e/WMM, U-APSD, Wi-Fi Calling Prioritization*
mDNS Bonjour Fencing
  • Supported
  • WISPr authentication, SZ downlink AP Survivability*
Software Queues
  • Per traffic type (4), per client
SmartCast Traffic Classification
  • Automatic, heuristics and TOS based or VLAN-defined
Rate Limiting
  • Supported
WLAN Prioritization
  • Supported
Client Load Balancing
  • Automatic
Band Load Balancing
  • Supported
AP Provisioning
  • L3 or L2 auto-discovery
  • Auto-software upgrade
  • Automatic channel optimization
Configuration Management
  • Secure multi-operator login (RBAC)
  • Large scale (bulk) AP management tools
  • Switch software and firmware upgrades
  • Switch configuration management
  • Per zone firmware versioning control
  • Configuration audit trails
  • Alarm and event notification (SNMP V1/V2/V3)
  • Event Logging (Syslog)
  • Integrated on-board remote accessible EMS functionality
  • RESTful APIs (JSON)
  • Web-UI
  • CLI
Physical Characteristics
  • (FRU Option) AC hot-swappable power supply
  • AC power consumption: 135W
  • Power Rating: 100-127VAC/200-240VAC, 47-63HZ
  • 1RU rack mountable: 435 mm (W) x 522 mm (D) x 44 mm (H); 17.13 in (W) x 20.55 in (D) x 1.73 in (H)
  • 6.97 kg, 15.37 lb
  • 4 - 1GbE ports
  • 4 - 10GbE ports
  • Front panel LEDs, one rear LED
  • Three (Field-Swappable fans FRU 902-S120-0000)
Mean-Time-Between-Failure (MTBF)
  • At 25C: 167,007 hours
  • With 2x fans and 1x AC power supply unit
Environmental Conditions
  • Operating Temperature: 0°C (32°F) - 40°C (104°F)
  • Operating Humidity: 5% to 95%, noncondensing
  • Humidity storage: 95%, non-condensing
USA/Canada - FCC + IC, NRTL
  • FCC Part 15B Class A, ICES-003 Class A, UL/CSA 62368-1
PSU Certification
USA/Canada - NRTL
  • UL/CSA 62368-1
*SmartZone controllers do not contain embedded radios or antennas


Download the RUCKUS SmartZone 144 Datasheet (PDF).

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Pricing Notes:

RUCKUS Networks Products
RUCKUS SmartZone 144 Series
RUCKUS SmartZone 144 with (4x) 1GbE & (4x) 10GbE ports
*Requires Purchase of at least 1 Year of Support
Our Price: Request a Quote
RUCKUS SmartZone 144 Support Parts
End User WatchDog Support for SmartZone 144 Controller Appliance, 1 Year
List Price: £1,332.50
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End User WatchDog Support for SmartZone 144 Controller Appliance, 3 Years
List Price: £2,665.00
Our Price: Request a Quote
End User WatchDog Support for SmartZone 144 Controller Appliance, 5 Years
List Price: £3,997.50
Our Price: Request a Quote
End User WatchDog Support Per SZ/(v)SZ AP, 1 YR
List Price: £16.67
Our Price: Request a Quote
End User WatchDog Support Per SZ/(v)SZ AP, 3 YR
List Price: £35.83
Our Price: Request a Quote
End User WatchDog Support Per SZ/(v)SZ AP, 5 YR
List Price: £48.33
Our Price: Request a Quote