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Smart Cities
Enabling Connected Cities

Around the world, cities are getting connected: Smart lighting and traffic systems. Connected public transit. Hyper-local air quality control. High-speed public Wi-Fi for citizens and businesses. Cities are collecting data from anywhere and everywhere to make smarter decisions and deliver new services. They're using their high-tech profiles to attract new businesses and tourism. And Wi-Fi is playing a major role in making it all happen.

As a service provider or municipality, you can be a key player in the Smart City economy-if you've got the goods. RUCKUS can help. Our Smart Wi-Fi technology delivers carrier-class reliability, simple management and wicked-fast speeds in Smart Cities around the globe.

Smart Wi-Fi: A Cornerstone of the Smart City

As cities get smarter, they recognize one fact of life right away: any old Wi-Fi technology isn't going to cut it. Smart City applications demand a wireless network that can deal with tough issues like complex meshing in outdoor environments. One that can communicate with thousands of different devices-smart and dumb alike-simultaneously. One that delivers superior performance for every user, even in high-traffic areas like convention centers, airports and busy downtown shopping districts.

RUCKUS has been there, done that, around the world. Our Smart Wi-Fi breakthroughs in adaptive antenna technology, smart mesh networking and other areas ensure that every connected device and user has a reliable, high-performance connection. Our solutions are designed from the ground up to deliver secure, super-fast Wi-Fi even in the highest-density indoor and outdoor environments.

Connect Public Services More Intelligently

All those warm fuzzies from your slick public Wi-Fi service will turn to cold stares if accessing Wi-Fi is a chore, or if it buries your IT team in extra work and trouble tickets. RUCKUS can make onboarding millions of connected devices simple, seamless and secure.

We can help you take advantage of HotSpot 2.0 technology to partner with other operators and municipalities, and let users connect to your Wi-Fi from anywhere automatically, without having to constantly re-enter credentials. Our certificate-based onboarding lets hundreds of thousands of users connect securely from practically any device, in seconds, through a self-service portal. And no matter how large your Smart City deployment grows, you can control everything easily and centrally from the cloud.