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RUCKUS Solutions Smart Hotspots
Smarter Wi-Fi for Operators with Hotspots that are Getting Hotter.

In the explosion of mobile data services, broadband providers must deploy smarter equipment to cope with the sophisticated devices, applications and services that subscribers are using to access the most popular media-rich content ever.

By 2012, one billion Wi-Fi enabled devices are expected to be shipped. That's billion with a "B." With these devices in hand, subscribers in hotspots (single AP locations) and hotzones (multi-AP locations) have big-time expectations. They want to tap into multimedia-rich services and high bandwidth mobile applications, such as video on demand, streaming IP video, gaming, and social networking.

Meanwhile carriers are interested in attracting new customers, creating more stickiness to existing customers and extending branded services anywhere they can, quickly and at the lowest possible cost. More people with more devices in more places using more bandwidth are forcing carriers to now quickly extend their network footprint, offload data from congested cellular networks and enable multimedia support wherever users roam.

We've solved these problems. RUCKUS Networks is the only Wi-Fi company that has developed carrier-class Wi-Fi solutions specifically designed to help operators lower infrastructure costs and cut deployment times while enabling a new era of multimedia hotspot services.

Flexible deployment options (such as support for L2TP tunneling and WISPr traffic rediction) enable a myriad of business models from ad-based free Wi-Fi services to classic pay-as-you go hotspot services and much more. Here are the highlights:

RUCKUS Networks ZoneFlex hotspots solutions offer:

Our ZoneFlex family of hotspot products is ideal for demanding multimedia applications, thanks to an advanced, patented smart antenna array within each ZoneFlex AP. Using sophisticated quality of service features, our smart antenna array automatically prioritizes traffic, and directs Wi-Fi signals over the best possible RF path in real time. This dramatically reduces packet loss caused by interference?to improve video quality by leaps and bounds.

Better range, better performance, better client density, better remote management. It all adds up to better Wi-Fi for service providers and their customers.

Smart HotSpot Architecture

Smart HotSpot Architecture