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Small and Medium Business (SMB)
Wicked-Fast Wi-Fi at the Right Price for Your Business

Small and medium-size businesses (SMBs) need fast, reliable Wi-Fi just as much as large enterprises. What they don't need are enterprise-scale costs and complexity. Traditionally, you had to choose: Do you want a high-end system with the features you need, but that requires an advanced degree to set up and operate? Or do you want a consumer-grade solution that's easy to work with-because it was designed for somebody's living room?

That's not much of a choice. But there's a better option. With RUCKUS, you get all the Wi-Fi performance, reliability and scalability your business needs, at a fraction of the cost of conventional wireless solutions. We pack in tons of advanced features to give you performance-grade Wi-Fi. But we make them almost entirely automated. So you don't have to figure out how to make them all work-they just do.

Reduce Costs with Plug-and-Play Wi-Fi

RUCKUS' Unleashed and Cloud Wi-Fi solutions put our breakthrough wireless innovations in packages designed for smaller organizations with limited IT staff and budgets. For example, our patented Beamflex+ antenna technology automatically deals with interference and optimizes connections for each and every device. And our SmartMesh Networking lets you connect access points anywhere there's a power source, without having to run Ethernet cabling. The result: you can blanket your entire space with high-performance coverage, at cost up to 80 percent lower than other wireless LAN solutions.

With RUCKUS, you don't have to spend hours navigating arcane configuration screens. All of these technology innovations just work, out of the box. You can configure and deploy your WLAN in half the time of typical solutions. And because it's self-healing and self-optimizing, it will handle most problems that crop up automatically, without you having to do a thing.

Deploy a Flexible Network to Meet Your Unique Needs

RUCKUS solutions for smaller businesses are simple to deploy and use, but that doesn't mean they're limited. Whatever your business needs-802.11ac capacity, guaranteed performance for voice and video services, advanced wireless security and management-you're covered.

Scale Your Network Effortlessly

Some SMB wireless solutions treat Wi-Fi as a simple overlay to the wired network, sending all wireless traffic to a central device. That sounds great in theory-until your growing business adds more devices and high-bandwidth applications that pump too much traffic through one place. All of a sudden, you're looking at constant slowdowns and dropouts for your users, or spending a mint to upgrade your infrastructure. RUCKUS uses a more intelligent architecture that distributes traffic across your LAN automatically. So you can continue to add new devices, applications and access points as your business grows, without breaking a sweat.