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RUCKUS Networks Solutions by Verticals
Using Smart Wi-Fi To Do More For Less.

With our high-octane wireless solutions, enterprises across a variety of industries are gaining stronger performance, more reliable connectivity, and eye-popping cost-savings.

Which is hardly surprising.

After all, when you build a Wi-Fi system that actually works the way it's supposed to, organizations of all types can benefit. And enterprise users can gain everything they expect from wireless�except dropped connections, pixelated video, choppy voice, and erratic performance.

Higher Education

Certificate-based onboarding for BYOD and Beamflex to address interference for high density areas.


Hospitality Wi-Fi with signals that go through concrete walls and don't have dead spots.

Multi-Dwelling Units

Deliver high-performance Wi-Fi across thousands of units even through brick and concrete construction.

Primary Education

Wi-Fi for classrooms that supports a digital curriculum and modern learning to engage K-12 students.

Public Venues

Use band steering and Beamflex to give your high density venue a strong and consistent Wi-Fi signal.


Supporting handheld devices to check inventory or complete a sale from anywhere in the store.

Service Provider

Managed services, public Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi offloading are areas of our service provider expertise.

Small and Medium Business

Cloud Wi-Fi and Unleashed solutions for smaller organizations with limited IT staff and budgets.

Smart Cities

Adaptive antenna technology and smart mesh network give every device and user a reliable conneciton.